The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) launched its Overseas Internship Program for Qatari employees who wish to join the Ministry and other government entities in ICT sectors.

This programme aims to develop the skills of the workforce and enhance their competencies to lead the digital transformation in Qatar during significant growth in the technology sector, in line with the Third National Development Strategy (NDS3), and the Digital Agenda 2030 (DA2030).

The Overseas Internship Program extends from two months to a year, depending on the programme offered by MCIT’s international partners, such as Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and SAP. The programme is based on hosting participants at the headquarters of these global companies with the aim of enhancing their competencies in emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data protection and cyber security by integrating them into work at these headquarters to gain international experience. This enables them to apply these practices and acquired expertise in Qatari government institutions and contribute to achieving Qatar’s national vision and digital agenda.

The programme includes three main stages. The first stage is the preparation phase, which involves defining the selection criteria and then selecting the first cohort of participants. The second stage is the implementation phase, which includes launching the pilot version of the programme for MCIT’s employees, starting the programme for the first cohort by integrating them into the work locations of the global partners, monitoring their performance, and addressing any challenges they may face. This stage also involves the participants returning to the ministry to begin applying the skills and experiences they have acquired and sharing them with their colleagues.

The third stage is the evaluation phase, which includes assessing the pilot version of the programme and refining it to improve future versions. It involves analysing feedback from global partners, coordinating with the Civil Services and Government Development Bureau to launch and generalise the full version of the programme across various government institutions.

Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Director of the Human Resources Department at MCIT, emphasised their commitment to accelerating Qatar’s digital transformation. This programme aims to transfer those experiences and apply them in our governmental institutions, contributing to the development of current practices and achieving Qatar’s national vision (QNV2030) and DA2023. Our partnership with leading global companies enhances Qatar’s position as a pioneering centre in the field of technology. By refining the skills of the programme participants and equipping them with innovative and diverse tools that align with the latest global practices, we are fostering an environment of innovation in our governmental institutions.’

The Overseas Internship Programme also offers unique advantages including strategic partnerships with leading pioneers in the digital transformation field such as Oracle, Microsoft, Google, SAP, and Cisco. The programme also provides specialised training paths focusing on participants competencies, ensuring they acquire valuable and specific skills and insights. Moreover, it provides participants with various options from technical fields that are compatible with their career aspirations in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data protection and cyber security.

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