Recently, Marhaba had the pleasure of meeting Abdullah Al Naemi, a young Qatari who strives to make a difference in his country in regard to animal welfare. We have all noticed stray cats and dogs around the city and can imagine the hard life they must lead, not to mention the extreme weather conditions they are exposed to.

Abdullah has a passion that goes beyond one’s usual love for animals. You can clearly see it as he bends down to fuss over a dog that was rehomed but has come back for a check-up at the clinic. Something that struck me was that he remembered all their names and of course he must have come in contact with so many! He also enhances awareness of children in schools by taking in animals for the children to learn and ask questions about, the aim of the program being to reduce animal cruelty in society.

2nd Chance Rescue is dedicated to providing a new start for abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs and is located on a farm that is privately owned by his family. With a capacity for 20 dogs, the shelter is now overcrowded with more than 55 dogs! He works tirelessly to make people aware of these animals to be adopted and always makes sure that they go to suitable homes.

Abdullah recently opened a new veterinary surgery called Parkview Pet Center, which is near Landmark mall. It is quite spacious and boards animals whose owners are on holiday and also temporarily keeps stray or abandoned animals to be rehomed, some of whom he will transfer to the rescue centre. Parkview Pet Center has all the latest equipment and includes a grooming salon and a day spa as well!

To contact 2nd Chance Rescue Qatar to support them or to adopt a pet, visit their Facebook page. For more information on Parkview Pet Center, call them on 4417 1560 or visit their website or Facebook page.