One of India’s landmark dining destinations comes to Qatar. The romance of the rugged northwest frontier of India comes alive at Qureshi Bukhara at Dusit Hotel & Suites Doha.

At Qureshi Bukhara, you can enjoy Kurry Knights, Kabab Nights, Qureshi Bukhara Brunch, Qureshi Bukhara Business Lunch and even outside catering services.

Behind the authentic Qureshi Bukhara is Padma Shri Mohammad Imtiaz Qureshi, Grand Master Chef of India, who re-established Grande Cuisines of India, a leading food consultant company, in 1956 and has grown into one of the premier Indian culinary experience.

The Qureshi name has been synonymous with good eating for over 200 years and traces its lineage to legendary chefs and kitchens of the the years they have developed, innovated, even researched manuscripts and almost single handedly brought alive once again, age-old recipes and styles like the celebrated ‘Tandoor’ and ‘Dum’ styles of cooking.

The chef of Qureshi Bukhara is the talented Mohammed Ashfaque Quresh, a chef turned foodie and he has had the distinction of having the doyen of Indian food. He has researched the finer nuances of food. He is currently a Managing Director with Grande Cuisines of India. The company has been conceptualised by him, and provided consultancy and franchise of their brand nationally and Internationally.

Marhaba interviews Chef Mohammed Ashfaque Quresh about Qureshi Bukhara’s debut in Qatar.

Welcome to Qatar! Tell us why you chose Qatar as the next step in your culinary career and how it will further enrich your career.

It’s great to be in Qatar. After working in the UAE and Oman, Qatar was a logical choice because of its diverse population, including many locals, Indians, and Europeans who love Indian cuisine. This will give me a chance to share my passion for cooking with a wider audience and learn from the rich culinary culture here.

What intrigued Qureshi Bukhara to join Dusit Hotel & Suites Doha?

The main reason was the visionary approach of the Al Majed group’s Chairman, which made the collaboration between Qureshi Bukhara and Dusit an exciting opportunity.

What unique or special culinary dishes should people expect at Qureshi Bukhara?

We offer a curated menu where every dish is a signature creation. You can expect exceptional Kebabs, Curries, and Biryanis. Some must-try dishes include Raan Sikandari, Dal Qureshi, Burrah Kebab, Tandoori Chicken, Family Naan, and our special Biryanis.

Indian cuisine has become a universal cuisine, at times, adapting to the tastes of the world. How does Qureshi Bukhara preserve the authenticity of the Indian cuisine yet keep it contemporary?

At Qureshi Bukhara, we are deeply rooted in the rich legacy of the Qureshi family, celebrating 45 years of culinary excellence this year. Our strength lies in our commitment to authenticity and originality. We meticulously follow our age-old family recipes, use original spices, and select high-quality meats and vegetables to ensure genuine flavours. While we stay true to these traditions, we also embrace contemporary presentation and culinary techniques to keep our dishes fresh and appealing for today’s diners.

How will Qureshi Bukhara add to Qatar’s rich culinary scene?

Qatar boasts a diverse and vibrant culinary scene, and Qureshi Bukhara will add a unique jewel to this spectrum. By offering authentic Indian cuisine with a rich legacy and unparalleled flavours, we aim to elevate the dining experience for both locals and visitors. Our commitment to quality and tradition will complement and enhance the variety of culinary options available in Qatar.

We are thrilled to be in Doha and have received a warm welcome. We look forward to expanding our presence and plan to open another Qureshi brand soon to share our passion for authentic Indian cuisine with even more people.

Qureshi Bukhara is open Tuesday to Sunday 1 pm – 11 pm.

For more information or reservations, call 4004 4052, WhatsApp 3070 1295, or email [email protected]

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