The Museum of Islamic Art has finally delivered on its promise of getting a cafe! Marhaba went to take a look.
Very stylishly designed around a octagon and distinctively monochrome, it’s nice to have a wee rest after treading the museum’s floor looking at all the exhibits, or even to stop by and have some lunch.

Marhaba went along, lured by the thought of a cup of tea and a spot of lunch, and was not disappointed. They’ve managed to create a very relaxing space; there are magazines if you wish to read and an amazing view of the Corniche if you want to stare out the window and daydream.

One of the cutest aspects of the little cafe is that its pretending to be a really tiny supermarket; you can pick up your chosen items and put in a little metal basket. So why not head on down for a coffee or for lunch?

                                                                                                    An incredibly heavy cast iron teapot!