The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Administration of Coasts and Borders, executed the maritime crisis management exercise ‘Dibel 4’ to evaluate preparedness, enhance coordination, and optimiSe participant efficiency.

The exercise, held on 1 July, simulated a scenario aboard the marine vessel ‘Al-Dibel,’ involving firefighting, containment of an oil leak resulting from an explosion, and the rescue of injured crew members. Multiple entities collaborated in the drill to simulate real-world responses to maritime emergencies.

Major General Nasser Jabr Al Nuaimi, Director General of Coasts and Borders, underscored the exercise’s role in the administration’s annual preparedness plans. He highlighted its importance in training and readiness for diverse maritime incidents, underscoring the collaborative efforts with other concerned parties.

The ‘Dibel 4’ exercise reaffirms Qatar’s commitment to ensuring effective response capabilities and safeguarding maritime environments through proactive training and coordination efforts.

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