Ministry of Interior Distributes Water and Dates for Motorists

traffic-department-giving-food-in-ramadanAs part of its awareness efforts to reduce over speed and encourage people drive cautiously and slowly in the holy month of Ramadan especially before iftar time, the Ministry of Interior through its various departments are distributing more than 20,000 iftar packs that contains water and dates for motorists.

The MoI departments such as Traffic, Al Fazaa, Community Policing sections at Captial, Dukhah, North, South and Rayyan security departments distributed water and dates in their jurisdictional areas, Doha main streets and Corniche wishing them ‘Ramadan Mubarak’. They also advised them to drive cautiously and carefully and not to over speed or drive recklessly which may lead to traffic block sometimes and to traffic accidents at times.

Airport Passports and Airport Security Departments also distributed dates and water on arriving and departing passengers at Doha International Airport. This comes as part of community partnership between community and police and spreading the message of love and empathy among community members.

Iftar kit contained guidelines and instruction for motorists to abide by traffic discipline – not to rush at iftar time as it may lead to traffic violations and accidents. Due to this, the traffic patrols are deployed at major roads just before Magrib Adhan (prayer call) to fulfill their humanitarian role by providing iftar snacks for motorists.

Traffic Department urges the motorists to:

  • respect others’ rights on road
  • not to close the parking entrances and exits
  • not to block the traffic by parking in front of other vehicles
  • leave adequate space between the vehicles
  • not to use mobile phone while driving
  • follow instructions of traffic police especially in front of shopping malls and commercial areas where traffic jam occurs commonly in Ramadan
  • take advantage of spiritual meaning of Ramadan in contributing for traffic safety by abiding by rules
  • be alert while driving

Iftar kits of water and dates will be distributed throughout Ramadan on all roads where traffic congestion is expected at the time of Iftar.