In the context of strengthening the security systems of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Airport Security Department in collaboration with the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) launched an innovative smart security investigator system developed for more accuracy in the detection of contraband and give indications on suspected passengers.

This will enhance the operational efficiency within the state border ports without affecting the capacity of the movement of departures and arrivals, and in particular as the passenger traffic is witnessing an increase in the Hamad International Airport (HIA) and Abu Samra border post.

SMART SECURITY INVESTIGATOR SYSTEM launchedThe announcement of the new system was attended by Brigadier Essa Arar Al Rumaihi, Director of the Airport Security Department, Colonel Abdullah Al Khalifa, Director of Public Relations Department, Captain Engineer Ali Hassan Al Rashid, head of the Security Technology Division at Lekhwiya  and the innovator of this new system, and a number of Airport Security and Public Relations Department officers.

Brigadier Essa Al Rumaihi stressed the importance of this technology, which will in the future contribute to strengthening security within the HIA and other ports of state, intensifying services of Airport Security Department, security presence at the airport, detection of contraband and facilitate airport security men in securing the airport.

Captain Al Rashid explaining the new smart security investigation system

As Captain Al Rashid pointed out that innovation of intelligent security investigator came after continuous work in order to make it more accurate in detecting contraband items in addition to identifying the narcotic substance of all kinds. He pointed out that the natural person has feelings that come directly from the brain by certain signals and cannot be controlled, as well as the eye pupil widening and narrowing without human control. As well, there are certain signs of an abnormal person such as body temperature and eye movement thus we can develop a specific algorithm to reveal the suspects by the brain indicators.

According to Captain Al Rashid, the mechanism of the new system work through the signals sent by the brain to the eye and in addition to the body temperature, thus drawing an algorithm compatible with the technical system showing the status of person whether he has used  banned substance or not and thus, this help security men at the airport and customs officers to access to suspects with greater accuracy and more quickly.