The Ministry of Interior received first place in two categories in an awareness film competition organised by the General Secretariat of Arab Interior Ministers Council.

Qatar won first place in a film contest under the category ‘the misuse of the Internet and its role in the intellectual deviation and the spread of crime’ and ‘the role of family and the community in protecting the youth from violence and extremism’ at the 38th Conference of Arab police and security chiefs held in Tunisia.

The award emphasised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to protect the community from the evils and crimes that prevailing in the society. According to the Ministry, it is always alert to follow the theme ‘prevention is better than cure’.

The awards were received by the Director General of General Directorate of Criminal Investigations Brigadier Khalifa Abdullah Al Noaimi who was also the head of the Qatari delegates participating in the 38th Conference of Arab police and security chiefs, from the Secretary General of the Council Of Arab Interior Ministers, Dr Muhammad bin Ali Kouman.

The Director of Public Relations Department of Ministry of Interior, Abdullah Khalifa Al Muftah, expressed his pleasure on this achievement stating that the achievement underscored the success of the Ministry in presenting distinct security awareness in all sectors of the society.

The General Secretariat of Arab Interior Ministers Council organises security awareness film contests every year where the Ministry of Interior has won various distinctive awards. The Ministry of Interior won:

  • Special traffic safety film award in 2001
  • Film award on drug awareness in 2002
  • Third place in the UN International traffic awareness fest in 2003
  • Third place in first international traffic awareness festival in 2005
  • First place in the security media contest conducted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers in 2006
  • First place in the International Festival for the prevention of road accidents wherein 47 countries participated in 2010

In 2012, the Ministry added a new accomplishment in the field of awareness film competition by Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers winning first place for the eighth time in a row in the film on the fight against human trafficking. This year, the Ministry of Interior reached a milestone by winning first place in two of the five areas of competition.