Launched as part of cooperation between Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice to serve the public, an attestation office of Ministry of Justice was inaugurated on Sunday 18 August 2013 at MoI Industrial Area Service Centre to serve the citizens, expatriates and investors in real estate registration.

The service was launched by the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice for Legal Affairs Ibrahim Moosa Al Hatmi, Director of the Attestation Department of the Justice Ministry Ahmed Abdullah Al Muraghi, Assistant Head of Industrial Area Services Section, Lieutenant Khalifa Rashid Al Dousari and several MoI officers.

Initially the new office will provide services of attesting legal documents and gradually all type of attestation done by the main office will be made available. Three counters at the Services Centre have been reserved for this purpose to meet the service requirements of citizens, residents, and investors in the Industrial Area and adjacent places.

The office is working with the Ministry of Interior to extend the experiment in a number of the other services centers such as Al Khor and Rayyan. According to Al Hatmi, 150 transactions are expected daily at the new office and transaction are completed electronically by linking the office with headquarters.

According to Al Dousari, the new office will broaden the services provided by the Services Centre and it is the first step to apply these services in other MoI centers also.