The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOSA) has launched a multilingual self-service machines where workers can now file complaints against their employers to help protect workers’ rights, reports Qatar News Agency (QNA).

HE Abdullah Saleh Mubarak Al Khulaifi, MOSA, inaugurated the machines on 15 July 2014. As quoted by QNA, he said:

Built using latest hardware and software, the devices use an innovative system to facilitate the process of registering a worker’s complaint.’

Besides in Arabic and English, workers will be able to file their complaints in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali and Nepali. If necessary, more languages would be added to the system.

MOSA Complaint System MachineThe machines are located in six MOSA branches. The device is available in all branches of the Labour Relations Department so that he may be able to print the model of the labour complaint, after that he can present it to Labour Relations Department.

To file a compliant, a worker needs to fill a form, take a printout of the complaint with all the relevant data and then submit it to the labour affairs department at the labour ministry, where the dispute would be resolved. Click here to see a short clip of how the machines work.

The new devices aim to remove communications barriers created by many workers’ lack of knowledge of Arabic and English. This system uses an innovative modern techniques to facilitate the procedures for worker’s complaint.>