The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has launched an online platform for booking appointments or meetings with managers of service departments to enhance interaction with the public and streamline processes for better service delivery.

According to the MOL, this initiative is part of the Ministry’s efforts to simplify procedures, enhance communication mechanisms with the public, and foster ongoing interaction with citizens, including individuals and employers, contributing to overcoming challenges. This also reaffirms the Ministry’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies and utilising technological infrastructure to continue developing the labour sector.

The online platform allows for rescheduling appointments or meetings wit the heads of various service departments electronically. This feature is particularly useful when a request goes beyond the scope of the assigned employee’s authority and requires direct dialogue with the department head.

The Ministry further notes that this initiative will help minimise overcrowding in offices and will promote consistent engagement and collaboration with domestic employers and regional businesses.

Below are the participating departments inside the Ministry of Labour:

  • Work Permits Department
  • Labour Relationship Management
  • Labour Disputes Department
  • Inspection Department and Occupational Health and Safety Department
  • National Manpower Recruitment department.

To schedule an appointment, log in through the National Authentication System (NAS) in this service link:

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