The Ministry of Environment (MoE) is launching a countrywide campaign to free Qatar’s streets from stray dogs and cats.

stray-animalsStarting from Doha city, the campaign will see the deployment of a number of dedicated teams from the Livestock Management Department at the ministry trained to hunt stray animals especially cats and dogs.

According to Qatar Tribune, the campaign aims to protect the environment of Qatar and maintain the overall health of citizens and residents through elimination of all that threatens the health of the people, especially the stray cats and dogs proliferating in the streets. MoE is keen to maintain natural balance in the streets in accordance with international standards of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

The country has been divided into several administrative sections, each one will be covered by a team of well-trained personnel from the Livestock Management Department. Some areas are being searched on the basis of complaints made by residents.

According to news reports, the captured animals will be registered and will undergo a medical check-up, and if found sick or infected, they will be euthanised. The healthy stray animals will be sterilised then taken to safe shelters away from residential areas.