The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) has opened the nominations for joining summer camps abroad at its expense to grant scholarship to Qatari male students only in the eleventh academic level, who are currently studying language as an elective subject.

According to MoEHE, the camps aim to teach the students foreign languages and help them learn the target country’s culture during the summer vacation.

The summer camps abroad are a testament to the MoEHE’s unwavering commitment to expanding the teaching of foreign languages to public school students. Language learning is not just about the classroom but also about experiencing the host country’s culture, civilisation, and traditions. These camps are designed to hone language skills of students and personality traits according to the local traditions and culture of the host country, MoEHE highlighted.

The camps run from June to July 2024 for four weeks and will be organised in the French Republic, the State of Japan, and the People’s Republic of China. A language course will complement and reinforce what the student has learned at school. Also, the language course will be offered in multinational groups and workshops, sports, and cultural activities to help students practice the language and learn about the host country’s traditions, customs, and culture, including visiting historical monuments and sites.

The ministry set conditions for joining these camps and called on eligible students to promptly reach out to their school management to fill out Student Nomination form and submit it to the director of Expanding the Teaching of Foreign Languages project through the school’s official email.

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