Private schools and kindergartens in Qatar are now required to teach the Arabic language and Islamic education starting from preschool and kindergarten according to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE).

The MOEHE, through the private education sector, has issued the academic policy of compulsory subjects in Arabic, Islamic education and Qatar history in private schools and kindergartens. This is an update of the previous policy issued for the year 2019-2020.

The new academic policy was sent to all private schools and kindergartens in Qatar. According to the circular, the most important points of the updated version of the academic policy for compulsory subjects are as follows:

  • The need to teach two subjects – Arabic language and Islamic education – starting from pre-school (kindergarten and preparatory) in all private schools and kindergartens.
  • The need to teach the three compulsory subjects in all curricula and educational systems, in accordance with the sequence of classes.
  • Schools comply with the conditions and controls of the equation of grades (10, 11, 12) and the ministerial decision No. (11) for 2021.
  • The commitment of private schools to evaluate compulsory subjects for all classes – grade 1 to 12 – in all curricula and educational systems.

For more information on MoEHE, please visit their website.

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