If you are planning to get your educational document attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), make sure you are aware of the recent changes in the process. Embassy of State of Qatar in the respective country and MOFA now require, irrespective of the university or institution, a letter of authenticity in a preferred format.

Earlier the embassy required a bonafide letter from university/institute in a simple format stating the person studied in the college during the period, also it was not a mandatory requirement. However, now the format is changed and the letter is required to carry information related to type of degree, duration of course, certificate authenticity, study system, etc.

As per Manav Corporate Consultants, below are the required information to be added in the verification letter. No document will be accepted for attestation without the below details. This new regulation has been in place since June 2016.

  • Authenticity of certificate
  • Study System (full/part time),
  • Venue of study and examination
  • Type of degree obtained (Diploma, Bachelors or Masters)
  • Duration of course
  • Institution status (Government or Private)
  • Institution’s accreditation standard at the time of obtaining the said certificate

Manav Corporate Consultants notes:

One can appreciate the intention behind this which is to curb the fake documents that some candidates may carry for their employment. However for a bonafide candidate the process has become much harder especially if she/ he is located elsewhere and there is no one back home to take care of all the documentation needs.’

All individuals who want to get their educational documents attested from the Embassy of the State of Qatar should note that Degree/Diploma should be along with marks sheet and verification from the concerned university or institute.’

Sample Format
Sample Format

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