The General Directorate of Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior joined the World Day for Safety and Health at Work celebrations with organised activities at Qatar Sports Club earlier this week. 

Lieutenant Abdul Hadi Al Marri, Officer at the Civil Defence Preventive Awareness and Education gave a lecture attended by hundreds of workers from various companies. Lieutenant Al Marri stressed the importance of applying safety procedures in the workplace, for both workers and employers. He said that following the safety requirements contributes to maintaining safety of the workers physically, morally and even psychologically. This also contributes to increase productivity and improved quality of work, and consequently, reduced cost as accidents increases production and reduces the time loss in production.

He emphasised the importance of knowing the safety requirements especially by safety officials at work-sites, and to ensure the availability of all equipment for personal protection. He called on the workers to protect themselves by adhering to all safety procedures at work by wearing clothes that suit the nature of the work they do, and follow the signs that help them work safely and secured.

International Workers Day Celebration

The Human Rights Department, in collaboration with the Community Policing Department, also held a ceremony in honour of leaders of Arab and Non-Arab communities on Wednesday, 2 May, as part of the celebration of World Workers’ Day. The event was held at the headquarters of the Human Rights Department in Madinat Khalifa.

Community representatives praised the efforts of the state to ensure the welfare of the expatriate workers. The celebration represented an important milestone in the harmonious relationship between expatriate workers and state institutions, including the Ministry of the Interior.

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