Under the patronage of the Director General of Public Security Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi, a seminar on ‘The Cultural Generation Gap and its Impact on the Qatari Society’, commenced on Monday 1 December 2014 at the Civil Defence officers’ club.

Organised by the Juvenile Police Department (JDP) of Ministry of Interior (MoI), the seminar was attended by a number of directors of the departments of MoI and representatives of different concerned civil establishments. Director General Al Khulaifi visited the pavilions of the exhibition organised as part of the seminar. He said:

The variation between the generations is something realistic and true and existing over the centuries. Thus we must sit down to talk with our children, and to find ways for dialogue and understanding with them, because the accelerated evolution in technology and ways of thinking over the past few decades have made a bit of difference and adversity, between what was available and owned by a generation of parents in the past decade, and what is available and is owned by a generation of children at this time.

According to Al Khulaifi, the State of Qatar is keen on the convergence of views between the generations in this regard in terms of heritage and culture whereas this seminar would help to build bridges of mutual understanding between generations.

The seminar was inaugurated by Brigadier Ibrahim Eissa Al Bouainain, the Director of Juvenile Police Department. He said:

Children are basic and important pillar in the community because they are the national wealth of the country, as stated in the Qatar National Vision 2030. This will be achieved by caring for them in all aspects of their education and culture in order to achieve their physical, mental, behavioral and moral growth.

The event started by a documentary show which showcased the efforts of JPD in solving the problems of generation gap, from the beginning till now. Later on, the exhibition was opened which participated by different departments like Qatari Orphan Foundation (Dhreima), Juvenile Police, Permanent Drugs and Alcohol Affairs Committee,  Childhood Cultural Center, Social Protection Department, Punitive and Reformatory Establishments Department, Criminal Investigation Department, Drugs Enforcement Administration, Community Policing and Preventive Security Department.

The first session of seminar, which was chaired by Brigadier Dr Muhammad Abdullah Al Mohanna, Director General of Police College, discussed the cultural gap between the generations and its implications for security and the role of security and legislation to reduce them. The Community Policing Affairs Section Head, Lieutenant Colonel Ghanim Rashid Al Khiyarain, gave his lecture on the topic.

In the second session, Professor Maryam Al Mailki presented her paper on cultural gap in psychological, social and religious aspects, while Dr Saadoon Al Rashid Al Hiyali spoke on cultural contrast between generations and its educational and psychological effects on the community. Professor Dhabya Al Miqbali lectured on the role of social protection department in handling the effects of cultural contrast, and Dr Sulaiman Al Hosni gave a discussion on the role of religious education in handling the cultural gap between generations.