Following the traffic awareness campaign of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the road, the Traffic Movement Section of the Traffic Patrols and Investigation Department, in coordination with Lekhwiya and the Support Services Section of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, has set up a working team to oversee seizing and penalizing of abandoned vehicles in violation of traffic and municipality laws.   

The drive started last week with the seize of all violating vehicles left abandoned on streets 1 to 15 streets in Industrial Area. Prior to the operation, all the required infrastructure works along the streets, such as lighting and pavements, were completed. The abandoned vehicles on these streets were one of the key obstacle for smooth traffic flow. The campaign will continue until smooth traffic flow is ensured on roads.

A total of 159 vehicles and 16 trucks were seized by the Traffic Directorate and Lekhwiya since the beginning of the drive, while the total number of vehicles that were penalized has now reached 655.

Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Al Kubaisi, assistant director of the patrol and investigation department in the General Directorate of Traffic, asked the owners of shops and  garages to refrain from leaving vehicles in the streets and in places that are not intended for parking. He also urged them to comply with the Traffic and Municipality Laws. He said that all necessary legal proceedings will be taken against violators.  Al Kubaisi stressed that the campaign will continue and there will be patrols roaming the industrial area, round the clock.

For his part, Majid Zafer Al Hajri, Head of Support Services at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, pointed out that all the garages were asked to comply with cleanliness and public order and ensure that no vehicles are left in front of the garages and shops.

The General Directorate of Traffic and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment are asking owners of abandoned vehicles and trucks to remove these vehicles  from the road and to transport them to designated places to avoid violation of the Traffic Law or the Municipal Law. The main objective of this drive is to sustain and maintain the ‘aesthetic’ appearance of the streets and facilitate the smooth flow of road traffic.

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