The services section for the elderly and people with special needs at headquarters of the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriate Affairs (GDBPEA) was inaugurated on Thursday 14 February 2013.

MoI Elderly Special Needs 2

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the director of the GDBPEA Brig Abdullah Salem Al Ali, deputy chairperson of the Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of (people with) Special Needs (QSRSN) Rabeea Mohammed Al Kaabi, Traffic Department director Brig Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, executive director of the QSRSN Ameer Al Mulla, director of Al Noor Institute for the Blind Dr Hayat Khaleel and a number of MoI department directors.

A mobile unit (moving vehicle) that provide MoI services and raise awareness among the public also was launched in the ceremony. The unit will facilitate all electronic services of the ministry. Lt Fahad Shareeda from Traffic Department presented a detailed explanation about the services of the unit for the citizens and the expatriates alike. Brig Abdullah Salem Al Ali led the attendees on a tour around the new facility.

MoI Elderly Special Needs 3

The new services section for the elderly and people with special needs will provide all MoI services for those categories through specially trained female cadres. The section will supervise on the services rendered to these categories from the immigration department and it will coordinate as well with other MoI departments to develop and improve their services for them.

The new premise has been arranged in way that gives more comfort for the elderly people and those with special needs. It has been designed as per traditional Qatari heritage to suite Ministry’s vision. The cadres are well trained on dealing with public and they comprehend on services provided. A bid display screen has been fixed in the section for the entertainment of these categories of the clients.

Brig Abdullah Salem Al Ali said:

The Ministry has taken several steps to facilitate services rendered for these categories. ‘Amir’ service was introduced in the headquarters and all services centers of the Ministry to help them. Many of these categories were exempted from service fee as well’

MoI Elderly Special Needs

MoI also introduced 992 emergency services for the deaf.

The QSRSN deputy chairperson Rabeea Mohammed Al Kaabi stated that this comes as an execution of international rules in this regard as well as Qatari Law stipulated in 2004 where the people with special needs were assured of equal opportunities.

The director of Traffic Department Brig Mohammed Saad Al Kharji said that the launching of MoI Mobile services unit is an important accomplishment of the ministry. The public can avail MoI services ‘on wheels’ through this moving vehicle at different locations as well, the big screen fixed in it will raise the security awareness of people by different means.