The Search and Follow up Department intensified their operations to find out illegal and absconding workers throughout the country.

In a statement, the Department officials stated that around 50 companies were referred to the Public Prosecution and 84 cases were registered on charges of visa trading. More than 40 people, both locals and expatriates, face imprisonment, varying from one to three years. Many companies and individuals were charged a total of QR4,270,000 in fines on violation of the law No (4) of 2009 on expatriates entry, exit, residence and sponsorship regulations.

These findings came during the ongoing security operations carried out by the Search and Follow up Department of Ministry of Interior. According to the Director of Search and Follow up Deptartment, Colonel Nasser Muhammad Al Syed, the Department would continue its inspections and operations to strictly implement the law. The campaign results have proved that the fake companies have key role in raising the number of illegal and absconded workers in the country where their large presence had made threats to the social security of the state. The Department has formed special teams to search and investigate and another team to study and probe such violations as it worked with all effort and dedication to prove these violations and forwarded to the Prosecution Department for further legal procedures. These efforts have brought about so far many positive results in this regard.

The Ministry of Interior transferred the sponsorship of more than 1,000 workers to other agents. According to Al Syed, the Department would follow to implement the law strictly in the future as well and urged the cooperation of individuals and companies alike. Employing absconded workers is illegal and those who attempt to employ or work in similar conditions would be held by law at any time.

For more information or queries about absconded workers, call 4469 5222.

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CID Arrests Six Sweika Dealers in Ghanem Qadeem

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested six Asians involved in production, packing and sale of sweika, an illegal product made of chewable tobacco.

Large quantity of sweika were seized during the Department’s drive to clean the community from this harmful product. The department has received a tip on the production and packing of the sweika at one of the houses in Ghanem Qadeem area. The suspects were monitored to ensure reliability of the information. As a result, six people were arrested in the raid in a house where a large amount of swekia was seized. The suspects were referred to Capital Security Department for further legal procedures.

The CID urges citizens and residents to cooperation with the security agencies and the Ministry of Interior by reporting any suspicious production of sweika to Operations Room 999 or to CID at 234 7444 as it threatens human health.