Ministry of Interior Qatar (MoI Qatar) announces the Ninth GCC uality conference to be held on 28 November 2016 at Sheraton Doha, under the theme “Quality and Commitment of the Leadership”. The event is organised by the Gulf Development Centre.

During the press conference held at the Civil Defence Directorate, the event was attended by Major Khalid Abdul Azeez Al Mohannadi, Assistant Director of Strategic Planning Department, Mohammed Saleh Al Kuwari, Chairman of Gulf Development Center and Captain Hadi Muhammad Al Hajiri, Head of Security Media at the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior.

Muhammed Saleh Al Kuwari, chairman of the Gulf Development Centre emphasised about the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to implement state-of-the-art quality initiatives at its departments to improve the work environment and raise the performance level in presenting its services to the public. He extended his appreciation and thanks to the Ministry for its support and sponsoring the event.

The conference will be held for only one day and will discuss eight important topics. Experts from different GCC countries will present papers on:

  • Leadership role in expanding knowledge and willingness to make quantum leap
  • Leadership role in commitment to quality system and objectives achievement
  • Leadership role in handling risks and converting it into opportunities
  • Leadership role in ensuring the quality of goods and services offered to customers
  • Achieving operational excellence through leadership commitment to the application of quality systems’ standards
  • Developing sustainable quality culture through leadership commitment

Representatives from American Society for Quality along with 250 participants from GCC countries are expected to attend the conference.

Major Khalid Abdul Azeez Al Mohannadi assured MoI Qatar’s commitment to ensure comprehensive quality administration as it formed a special department for that in 2005 being the first Ministry in the state to set up such initiative.

The department was established to cope up with the great developments in security field at regional and international level to prevent the newer methods of crimes along with the technological development.

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