MoI Receives Excellence Award at the US for its Najm Security System

Ministry of Interior (MoI) won Excellence Award in the field of Geographical Information System (GIS) for the Najm Security System, beating more than 100,000 establishments from all over the world.


ESRI has declared in May 2013 that MoI had won excellence award in GIS for its Najm Security System. This award is given in recognition of outstanding achievements and applications in the field of geographic information technology all over the world. According to the ESRI, Najm Security System won the award beating more than 100,000 establishments and other organisations from all over the world.

The institute is the first reference in the world for the issuance of the global standard for e-maps followed globally in all areas of GIS applications in the world and it is based in California, US. The applications and programmes of the ESRI are used by more than 300,000 establishments worldwide.

After receiving the award, Major Ali Mohammed Al Mohannadi, Director of Technical Affairs at NCC:

I thank those who worked diligently throughout the past years until ‘Najm’ security system was completely finished in June 2013, which in turn won the admiration of all who participated in the ESRI Conference and Exhibition. He added that the system was displayed to the participants and it wowed everyone in terms of system compatibility with geographical information and security systems, bringing all the security departments and institutions in a single system thus allowing transmission of data quickly and easily, despite the different procedures for these departments from each other, and the facility to add different departments or institutions concerned with safety and security on this ‘Najm’ system.

This is not first time that MoI has won the award for its Najm Security System. The ministry has won the award for best advanced security application for its Najm Security System in the Middle East Geospatial Forum 2012 conference and exhibition, which was held by the GIS Centre under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning.

Najm Security System ensures quick delivery of information from Operations Department of the National Command Centre to the security patrols at different areas of the country while choosing the most appropriate and nearby patrol to the incident area. This System is one of the main systems of Ministry of interior that connects each department of MoI concerned with safety and security, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) and Ambulance Services of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), under one network.

Major Arif Hassan Ibrahim, officer of ‘Najm’ project said that Najm security system was emerged from the idea of formation of a unified geographic database which connects different systems and ensures the possibility of representation of data from various sources on a single system and to display the information on a digital map, representing the real situation of the incident. The digital maps aim to create a consolidated image of the incident therefore improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the decision-making process given the nature and level of the incident.

The system has accomplished several advantages since its inception. It developed a unified database providing it geographical dimension as well as adding geographical location for security data. It ensures facility of retrieval, exchange and analysis of information which is useful thus helping in decision-making. It also ensures the integration between existing systems and the future ones and building a unified image of situations in joint operations.

In addition, the Najm Security System enhanced operation 999 emergency number system as it retrieves more information on the incident location enabling the rescue team to move the site to deal with any kind of accident. When 999 receives call and knows the basic details of the emergency, the system will then transfer the call to the exact department which deals with the situation.