1fe84967-2608-4be4-9564-26578fcfc6dcWith the advent of the holidays and various events, some of the Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) security sectors will be on standby to deal with any emergency.

There are some service departments that serve the public with urgent services such as passports, visas, and traffic service and traffic investigations. These all services will be working even during holidays.

The following report sheds light on MoI’s security preparations for the Eid Al Fitr holiday.

Traffic Department

The department staff will be working at office for motor vehicles license, registration. Traffic investigation offices will be working since the beginning of the Eid holidays, for 24 hours. Speaking about the department’s Eid preparations, the Director of the Traffic Department, Brigadier Mohamed Saad Al Kharji, said:

The department is preparing to receive the Eid, focusing on continuous presence of the traffic patrols  in all regions of the state in an attempt to prevent traffic accidents, especially run-over accidents for children as there will be unusual  presence for young children at residential neighborhoods where they move from one house to another to show the joy of Eid between families, friends and neighbour.’

More traffic patrols will be deployed in front of Eid Gahs and the streets leading to it, to ensure traffic flow as there will be unusual rush at the time of Eid prayer. As well, traffic Patrolling will be also done on the streets leading to the commercial complexes, public gardens and parks, where frequent presence of more vehicles are expected. Moreover, patrols will be present on all streets and intersections, especially where there are no traffic lights.

The department will be sending awareness messages for the public through internet forums and mobiles to slow down the speed and follow traffic rules to avoid accidents. Brigadier Al Kharji advises motorists to be abide traffic rules and to be extra cautious while passing through internal residential areas as children will be playing around.

Operations Department

The operation department works 24/7 to receive all type of emergency messages and complaints on 999. The director of the department, Major Hassan Mohamed Al Kuwari, said the operations room of the MoI provides humanitarian services to the public next to their core functions such as contacting hospitals or ambulance to transport a patient if necessary in addition to its task of receiving various communications.

He pointed out that the staff serving at emergency operating room work on four shifts over the 24 hours in normal days or holidays to receive emergency calls and they can speak Arabic, English, Hindi/Urdu, Filipino, Farsi, French and Chinese. The average time it takes to answer an emergency call is up to 10 seconds.

Civil Defence


During holidays, including Eid Al Fitr, the Civil Defence (GDCD) takes some other precautions for example; it takes safety measures at Sealine area that witness the influx of large numbers of people during the holiday; so the number of civil defense staff in that area will be increased, he noted.

The Director of Operations Department at General Directorate of Civil Defence (GDCD) said there’s a set of procedures that must be followed during the period of Eid and even other days regarding safety measures and protection in the home, such as making sure to disconnect the power supply and electrical appliances in the case of travel, and take caution during food preparation, and not to overload of electricity.

Rescue Police (Al Fazaa)


The Department of Police Rescue, also known as Al Fazaa, provides its security services in the Eid holiday 24 hours. Major Fahad Saud Al Kuwari, Head of Administrative section at Al Fazaa said that during Eid holidays, Al Fazaa patrols will increase with one or two patrol on each road. There will be more Al Fazaa presence will be there in the souqs and residential areas.

Patrols on foot will be present in malls including City Centre, Villaggio, Hyatt Plaza and Landmark. These patrols will be available inside the shopping centres to prevent any unpleasant incidents that disturbs the joys of the occasion. Major Al Kuwari urged parents to take care of children on streets and in shopping complexes.

Airport Passports Department

According to the director of the department, Major Nasser Al Humidi, the department began preparations a long time ago with advent of summer vacations. He said:

We work continuously round the clock, and there are seasons where our work load increases such as summer vacations and seasons of Eid and Hajj. On these seasons we increase the number of staffs in different shifts. Our goal is to facilitate the movement of passengers and ensure their safety, both on departure, arrival, and we expect during the holiday increase in the number of travelers so we have taken all precautions to process works smoothly to provide comfort and peace of mind for travelers.’

Abu Samra Border Post

With regard to travel during the Eid holiday through the Abu Samra Border Post, director of Border Passport Department and head of Permanent Committee for Abu Samra Border Post Colonel Nasser bin Abdullah Al Thani, explains that the port is now equipped with all the facilities and services that will work on the traveling convenience of those travelling by private cars or mass transit, at any time of day of the year, though the intensity of work increases during holidays. There are 13 counters to transit of vehicle, five counters for Customs and nine counters for Passports where five out of them are for families. The process at the border post won’t take more than a few minutes of action as a result of skilled workers on the post and use of latest devices on the crossing gates.

Colonel Al Thani urges those travelering by land, especially during the festive period, to follow the instructions and guidelines for security, safety and precautionary measures to be ready before their travel trip. He asked the travelers to ensure that passports, visas and residencies are valid and in force and to ensure availability of all the requirements of security and safety of the vehicle, and avoid overloading, and make sure that international customs transit book ‘Triptek’ is available and there is a fire extinguisher in the vehicle. In addition, he urges those wishing to travel to the GCC by the Civil ID to carry the smart card, pointing out that while exiting GCC countries, they must produce the same document they used for entering into the country, whether it’s an ID card or passport.

Coasts and Borders Security Department

Maritime patrol of Coasts and Borders Security Department will work continuously in order to tighten security controls and provide the necessary assistance to the sea-goers for recreation, swimming and various marine practices.

Director of Coasts and Borders Security Department Brigadier Ali Ahmad Al Badeed Al Mannai pointed out that department’s work is not different during Eid holidays but there are some precautionary measures to ensure maritime safety as there will be an increase in the number of tourists. The department will keep working and increase its patrols close to the beaches to provide assistance for who may need it and to prevent accidental damages for beachgoers by some water cyclists scooters.

Brigadier Al Badeed said:

On this happy occasion, we would like to advice the sea goers, whether for fishing or recreation to take requirements of maritime safety on their boats, as well as to take adequate supplies of  food, water and fuel as well as life jackets and first aid box and stay away from prohibited areas for fishing.’

Water scooter riders are advised to stay away from swimming zone not to cause any kind of hurt or difficulty for swimmers whether it is on the open beach or in hotel beaches as well as to wear a life jacket.

The families who escort their children to the beaches are advised not let the kids go to the pool alone and there should be a relative in order not to be exposed to drowning accidents. In case of any accidents public is advised to call 999 for emergency.

Security Departments

All security departments including the Capital Police Section, South Madina Khalifa Police Section, Al Sadd Police Section and Misaimeer Police Section, Rayyan Security Department, South Security Department, Dukhan Security Department, North Security Department will receive communications and complaints to the rest of the procedures will be as normal. For the field work, there will be patrols to work continuously.  The patrolling team will work to facilitate the traffic movement especially in the areas where more families will be visiting in these days and also in residential areas. The Community Policing Section at the North Security Department will organise social events for the people of the Shamal in order to strengthen the relationship between the police and community members. The department will work to secure spots of festivals and celebrations organised by different authorities as well as celebrations held by expatriate communities. Other department such as the South Security Department will intensify their presence in the Eid praying areas to maintain security and public order as well as the department will distribute Eid Greeting Cards among the public which will include the awareness messages and advices.