The General Directorate of Traffic is set to launch a month-long traffic awareness campaign on 1 July, under the title ‘Accident-free Summer’ to raise awareness on traffic violations, minimise accidents and spread the culture of road safety. 

This was announced during press conference on 26 June held by the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic. The press conference was attended by Col. Nasser Darman Al Hajri, Assistant Director General of Traffic, Col. Mohammad Radhi Al Hajri, Director of Traffic Awareness Department and officers of the General Directorate of Traffic.

Col. Radhi Al-Hajri said that the ‘Accident-free Summer’ campaign will focus this year on field awareness through inspection campaigns in cooperation with the of Traffic Patrols Department and the Public Relations Department. The main goal of the campaign is to educate the public on the rules of traffic safety and safe driving, with a focus on drivers, especially from the youth, in the city of Doha and external areas, he added.

The campaign will focus on raising awareness on a number of violations including driving without a license, passing through right side, using mobile phone while driving, parking in the places reserved for people with special needs, obstructing traffic by stopping in the yellow box, etc.

During the campaign various publications including brochures and leaflets will be distributed at public places, streets and commercial institutions of Doha and outside areas like Dukhan.

The campaign activities will be carried out in cooperation with the traffic departments and all media and through coordination with the ‘Talaa’ project authorities department in order to detect the violation of stopping in the yellow box. Cameras that were installed as part of Talaa project will monitor violation on roads and intersections. Officials said violation of stopping in the yellow box will be charged with a fine of QAR500

Accident free summer campaign by ministry of interior qatar 2019Colonel Mohammed Radhi Al-Hajri made a comparative review between 2017 and 2018, explaining the impact of the ‘Accident-free summer’ campaign held last year, on the decline in the number of violations. He said that the violation of overtaking by the right side has decreased significantly, with a decline of 68.4%, the driving without a license recorded a decline of 16.1% and the violations of parking in places of people with special needs decreased by 22.4%.