DC Art Exhibition 2015Every year, Doha College (DC) holds a one-day Art Exhibition to showcase the creative talents of their students. On Tuesday 2 June 2015, DC held the Art Exhibition 2015, showcasing the work of its IGCSE and A-level art students.

The exhibition featured 3-D product designs, fashion and textile designs, videos, photography, paintings, sketches and sculptures produced by more than 50 students from their fine art, digital media, photography, product and fashion design courses. Doha College Principal Mark Leppard said:

Our inaugural event last year was an enormous success and I am thrilled to see the students have again produced exceptional creative work across a range of media… Doha College is committed to developing industry leaders able to support Qatar in achieving its national vision. We believe that creative skills, problem solving and idea generation techniques taught within the creative arts are key to the success of a number of business sectors.’

Attended by about 70 of Qatar’s business and cultural supporters, the art exhibition was officially opened by the Ministry of Heritage, Arts and Culture’s Director of Heritage Department, Hamad Al Mohannadi and British Ambassador to Qatar, HE Nicholas Hopton. HE Hopton said:

I am greatly impressed with the standard of work on display and I am confident that these talented students face a bright future in their chosen fields…We are highly supportive of the arts as they are core skills and essential qualifications demanded by successful businesses today.’

The event was attended by Qatar business and cultural leaders including representatives from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Qatar Museums Authority, Occidental Petroleum, Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Solar Technologies.

During the exhibition, guests enjoyed looking at the artwork and speaking to the student artists while enjoying refreshments and canapés provided by Radisson Blu Doha.

Each student presented at least three artwork pieces from their final art exams and coursework.

DC Isabel Flynn
Isbabel Flynn

Explaining her artwork, Irish Isbabel Flynn from Year 11, said:

These two are for a unit called ‘Together and Apart’ so we all have to research and come up with different things. We’re all given the same topic then we have to do our own research and find something different. So after researching, I ended up looking at souls and the idea of what a soul is and how it’s portrayed. With these two, I’ve looked at the soul coming out of a person. When they speak, the person is in black and white, and their soul is colourful, and what actually makes them [who they are] so I completed these two for the exam, which is 10-hours.’

Prior to the final 10-hour exam, students have approximately 10 weeks to prepare for the sit-in exam, doing research, sketches and other necessary preparations.

DC Ruby Cooke
Ruby Cooke

Another year 11 student, English Ruby Cooke, talked about her artwork and said:

I looked at dark colours and bright colours. I started looking at movement with all the different colours like all the blue shows a lot of movement. And the face shows a lot of movement through emotion as well. The other one is my exam piece, I looked more at distance this time. On the sides, I put maps in to show all the different roads and distance to get to places. Here I have writing, I referenced this from letters from civil war to kind of portray a relationship maybe and the distance that has to be traveled in order to be in contact like your loved ones.’

On why Cooke chose to display those art pieces, she said:

I feel like I’ve achieved something with these. These are the pieces that really put my message across.

Not many of the students choose which artwork goes on display. They give in their final pieces and the teacher chooses which ones to display at the art exhibition.

DC Chaehoon Lim
Chaehoon Lim

Describing his three art pieces on display, South Korean Chaehoon Lim, from Year 11, said:

The first piece is two-points perspective put together. It suppose to look like a panorama shot. It’s kind of minimalistic in colour a sit shows faint warmth through the city that’s why there’s colours within the city. The second one basically shows a variety of emotions through violence. It shows the steps of emotions It’s a graphic piece. I’ve outlined the pieces with black felt. The third one is a bit deep because it’s showing two different parts of the world and it says, ‘despite living in the same world, we live different lives.’ One girl is crying because of famine and the other girl is crying because of a toy.’

DC Kieran Robinson
Kieran Robinson

Moving from paintings and sketches to digital media – photography – British Kieran Robinson, from Year 11, talked about his displayed artwork and said:

This is mainly HR Giger inspired. Giger did loads of bio-mechanic work, which is a combination of biology and mechanics. So I sort of took ideas from mythology like I took Medusa. And I took a portrait of some demon and changed it to look like Giger’s style. The other piece is playing a lot with Photoshop really. It’s a ‘nature versus nurture’ idea.’

DC Shearn Grace
Grace Shearn

Like the Year 11 students, the Year 12 students present their work from their final sit in exam. However, it’s an 8-hour sit in exam.

From Year 12, English Grace Shearn, presented two separate photography projects. She said:

I decided to look in depth into cultures and fashion – high fashion photography. So that’s why it’s all like inched-in waist, blur, flawless makeup. For one of them, the dark one, is Arabic themed. And the light one is like America and fairytale kind of theme.

DC Joe Griffiths
Joe Griffiths

Joe Griffiths, a year 12 student from Wales, displayed two of his final photography projects. He explains:

This is feral fluid, which is a magnetic liquid. To create these unusual shapes, I used magnets either side. Actually, the magnetic field creates like these daggers-like in the liquid. Then I added water colour to make all these colours. For the octopus, this is actually a real octopus. I got up at 6 am to go to the fish market before school. My friend Duncan, who also is a student in Doha College, willingly let me but it on is back.’

DC Al Nasser Abdul Aziz
Al Nasser Abdul Aziz

Talking about his displayed photography, Qatari Al Nasser Abdul Aziz, a year 12 student, said:

My friend lost his falcon so it’s about the relationship between him and his bird – between a man and a bird – a bird he lost. So he is actually morphing into his own bird like a demonic bird of death to try and avenge his bird’s death.

The students’ artwork was also available for sale. Last year, four businesses purchased artwork for their offices and two students were commissioned to undertake private work.

Doha College offers courses in Art, Photography, Product Design, Product Design Textiles and Media from (I)GCSE through to A Level. Students have successfully furthered their careers within top Arts Universities across the World including The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Yale University in the USA and the University of British Columbia in Canada.


Author: Ola Diab, Photographer: Andrea Buenafe

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