The much-loved symbol of equestrian excellence and the cherished Arabian horse, Al Adeed Al Shaqab, bred and owned by Al Shaqab, recently passed away following a brave battle against illness, at the age of 23.

The grey stallion leaves behind a legacy of achievement on the regional and global stage, progenies whose success is carved in his image. Al Adeed was marked for great things from birth. His sire, Ansata Halim Shah, had his own place in equine folklore as one of the most influential stallions of the 20th century. His dam, Sundar Alisayyah, produced a series of multiple champions, and he was a product of the world-renowned Ansata breeding programme. Al Adeed was described as ‘an incarnation of the ideal Arabian stallion’.

On the global equestrian stage, Al Adeed has been a consistent recipient of perfect scores in ‘type’ from judges and a winning machine. Within two years of his birth, he was named Champion Colt at the 1997 Qatar International Arabian Championships. Between 2000 and 2008, he claimed its Champion Stallion crown five times.

According to Al Shaqab Executive Director Khalifa Al Attiya, the word ‘legendary’ can sometimes be overused in the realms of sport, but it is an entirely fitting way of encapsulating Al Adeed Al Shaqab.

The deep sadness that the international equine community and we at Al Shaqab feel at his passing is tempered by the enduring memories of his success. His achievements and his spirit are woven into the fabric of Al Shaqab and of the proud Arab equestrian heritage. And just as Al Adeed continued the legacy of his own famed sire Ansata Halim Shah, so his progenies have taken forward his own legacy. We will miss him terribly, but he will always be with us.’

The progenies sired by Al Adeed have become prized around the world, with their own extensive list of titles and honours stretching across both Qatar-based events and regional and international equestrian arena. Many of them were on show at the recent Longines Global Champions Tour finale at Al Shaqab, just a few days after Al Adeed’s death.