College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) held a new student-centred event to celebrate multiculturalism on its campus. The inaugural Souk Areej Min Baladi (Flavours of my Homeland) opened Thursday during a ceremony with a number of Ambassadors and other representatives from Embassies in Qatar.

CNA-Q’s large Qatari student body officially hosted the event, where students and staff representing 19 countries showcased their heritage and traditions for the evening. Over 3,500 members of the public visited the campus courtyard as it was transformed into a lively souk, bustling with the sounds, sights and flavours of the various countries represented at the College.

Areej min Baladi CNAQ

Speaking to the success of this first-time event, CNA-Q President, Dr Ken MacLeod said:

Our College community is a lot like the State of Qatar – we are comprised of a mosaic of individuals who come from different backgrounds and heritages.  In the past we have displayed our multi-facetted College community at an event called Global Village. This year we invited the public to come directly onto our campus to learn about the many countries that are represented here, and let the students shine as ambassadors of their native countries. We decided to do this in a souk-style setting, which, of course, is the quintessential hallmark of Qatari culture.’

CNA-Q launches new event to celebrate multiculturalism _2

Souk Areej Min Baladi was organised, in part, with the Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development which supplied vendors providing delicious food, handicrafts, jewellery, clothing and  accessories.