Pre-school Workshop: Through the Looking Glass

Let’s enter the world of art appreciation! This three-part workshop inspired by MIA’s Islamic Glass exhibition is tailored to your pre-schooler. Not only will new versions of glass sculptures be created but the children will also learn to discuss artwork, as artists start your child’s first picture book with his or her favourite works of art. Finally they will go on a wonderful adventure through the museum itself; where your child will learn to observe, discuss and even imitate some of Islamic Art’s most fascinating works.

Age group: 3-5 years

Workshop for Families: One of a Kind…

Join this fun two-part workshop and discover the stories behind the portraits of Shahs and Sultans from the Persian and Ottoman Empires. In session 1 find out how these paintings can influence your own observations and work. Session 2 will give you a chance to discuss and analyse finished paintings along with many other famous portraits, giving you the chance to describe why you are as unique and special as the influential people you’ve learned about.

Age Group: 6-10 years

Toddler Workshop: 5 Little Fingers

Learning has never been this fun! Inspired by MIA’s Islamic Glass exhibition, “The Intelligence of Tradition, Antiquity & Early Islamic Glass,” this two-part workshop will focus on developing your toddler’s fine motor skills and verbal communication. Day 1 is all about exploring colour and light; where you and your little one will create ice paintings in the calm, outdoor surroundings of MIA Park. Day 2 will be a fun messy activity of creating soap sculptures; where your toddler will learn to explore different ways of sculpting, followed by balloon art!

Age group: 1-3 years

For further information on and booking of all of the above MIA workshops, please contact [email protected].