The musical based on the novel by Kahlil Gibran, Broken Wings, written by Qatari musician Dana Al Fardan and Nadim Naaman is having its debut in the region as part of the 35th anniversary of the prestigious Beiteddine Festival in Lebanon. The musical will be on show until this Friday, 26 July. 

The Beiteddine Festival is home to Kahlil Gibran and Nadim Naaman and takes place within the grounds of the magnificent Beiteddine Palace, a hotspot for tourists in the Chouf Mountains.

The West End production talks about love, family and duty in 20th century Lebanon. The events in Broken Wings highlight key social issues of the time: fight for gender equality, tradition versus modernity, wealth versus happiness, immigration and the importance of home: themes that are increasingly relevant today, over a century later.

Dana Al Fardan, who wrote the music and lyrics for the musical, said that after the work they did in London, the show’s creative home, it was a huge moment to take Gibran back to his homeland this summer, and to the people who know him best.

Drawing on her cultural heritage, and influenced by her love for world music, Dana’s work is Arab-influenced but contemporary classical in style. Co-writer Nadim Naaman said they have never stopped working to refine and improve the material.

Now we are ready to take Broken Wings to the people who care for Gibran more than anyone – the Lebanese. I’m especially proud because of my Lebanese heritage, and what this project means to fans of both Gibran and theatre in the Middle East as a whole.’

Katara Cultural Village will be hosting the Doha show of the West End musical and tickets will go on sale shortly. For updates and more information, visit