Qatar Foundation for Social Work’s NAMA Centre organised a press conference to announce the launch of the fourth edition of ‘REYADA’ Award for 2017. NAMA Community Services Department Manager and Acting Executive Director Maryam Al Mannai, Community Awareness Department Manager Hamad Al Marri and Head of the Entrepreneurship Section Hamad Al Saffar were there to grace the event.

The ‘REYADA’ Award aims to encourage and motivate young entrepreneurs to achieve success in their line of work, providing them with a positive and competitive environment that stimulates them to do their best and harness their full potential.

During the press conference, Maryam Al Mannai said that the centre constantly seeks to offer assistance to young Qatari entrepreneurs and provide them with what they need in terms of services, financial and logistical support, to pave the way for them to reach their goals. She said:

The ‘REYADA’ Award comes in the context of motivating young Qataris and encouraging innovation in the field of entrepreneurship, in addition to promoting the spirit of competition among them, as part of the wider framework of achieving NAMA Centre’s strategic objectives in the field of small and micro enterprise development.’

‘REYADA’ Award was launched by NAMA Centre in 2011, as a pioneering national competition to honour entrepreneurs and reward them with bonuses and financial awards for their innovations and efforts to achieve excellence and success. The awards consist of two categories; the ‘Best Project Plan’ category, for economically feasible project plans that are potentially successful and viable for implementation, and the ‘Best Existing Project’ category, for successful projects that achieve steady growth rates.

The top prize winner in the ‘Best Project Plan’ category will receive the Gold Award in addition to QR 100,000 grant, while the second place winner will receive the Silver Award and a grant of QR 50,000. For the ‘Best Existing Project’ category, the first place winner will also receive the Gold Award in addition to QR 100,000 grant, with the second place winner also getting the Silver Award and a grant of QR 50,000.

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