Doha Environment Actions Project (DEAP) continues to ‘discover Qatar’ with a purpose. Last week, 19 April, marked their 107th clean-up since May 2017, when Canadian Founder Jeanne Brown organised the group and started the clean up drives of different beaches in Qatar. 

The group scheduled a clean up at Al Safliya Island, from 7:30 am until 12 pm.

In coordination with DEAP Director Jose Saucedo, National Cruise Tourism provided assistance for the beach clean up drive by sending one of its large dhows to transport dedicated volunteers to the island and providing volunteers with drinks and refreshments. The group pushed through with the clean up despite the windy weather, with the help of Marriott Hotel associates.

National Cruise Tourism
Image from Doha Environment Actions Project Facebook page 

Organisers and volunteers of the beach clean up were also pleased that the National Cruise Tourism joined the mission last week. The interesting mix of volunteers contribute time and hopefully, more people will join the good cause.

National Cruise Tourism offers leisurely dhow tours from the Corniche. For more information about these offers, visit their website at