Qatar’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued mandatory terms that require local manufacturers and producers to place the national product label on all agricultural products as well as on all locally-manufactured and semi-manufactured goods sold in Qatar. 

The Ministry aims to support and promote national products across the local market and enable investors to easily reach consumers as well as provide traders and investors seeking to offer new products access to new markets.

national product header

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued the following terms:

  • All manufacturers and producers as well as sales outlets with the necessary approvals and official licenses are allowed to use the logo
  • The logo can be used on all locally-manufactured and semi-manufactured products 
  • The logo shall appear on the front cover of the product’s packaging and should be clearly visible to the consumer
  • Logo stickers can be placed on shipping and distribution vehicles and must be proportional to the vehicle’s size
  • The logo can be placed on advertising materials for marketing purposes
  • It is prohibited to use the logo on products intended for export. The slogan or phrase ‘Made in Qatar’ may be used in such case
  • Changing the shape or content of the logo is prohibited

Enquiries may be submitted to the Department for the Promotion of National Product Competitiveness at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, or through this email [email protected]

Source: Qatar Tribune /