The Director of Coasts and Boarders Security Department (Sea), Brigadier Ali Ahmad Al Badid, launched a cluster of new innovative boats, named as Al Mohit, under the C&B Department, in the eastern area at Ras Abou Abud.  

Brigadier Ali Al Badid said that launching of ‘Al Mohit’ was taken as part of developing and modernising the department in all aspects to make it capable to carry out its mission at its best.

The Department received the boats long ago and underwent a period of experimental operation and the boats’ efficiency was proven for accreditation to carry on services, while engines and all the equipment are fit as per required in the work of coastal patrols, as well as search and rescue and assistance at sea.

The Department has developed a fleet of boats of various types and sizes for multiple functions and it is always keen to bring the process to renew its fleet of maritime and making them always capable to perform the tasks required.