To improve traffic congestion in Qatar, the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Transport have launched a new free-of-charge Bus Shuttle Service for the West Bay district called West Bay Bus. 

Mohamed Al Sayyed, Director of the Doha Municipality said:

‘The launch of the West Bay Bus is great news for visitors and residents of the West Bay district who will benefit from a free and reliable service. The West Bay Bus is vital to meet the transport demands and help alleviate congestion while also resolving the parking issue in the area…The West Bay Bus will offer a real transport choice; it will represent a major link for many people, and will help drive economic growth in Qatar. We encourage everyone to try the West Bay Bus which as an additional, complimentary and safe transport facility many will find more convenient than driving and friendlier to the environment.’

The West Bay Bus service, initiated by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, provides a new transport choice and is aimed at boosting tourist numbers in the West Bay area by connecting tourist destinations, businesses, office towers and residencies with the West Bay hotels. The new service will provide a premium service to the passengers and better connectivity for commuters travelling around the West Bay area. Consisting of 20 seats, the West Bay Bus aims to help resolve the parking availability issue and rising traffic congestion in the West Bay area. In addition, the bus aims to help reduce congestion by eventually allowing passengers to park-and-ride in various locations around West Bay.

From the Ministry of Transport, Nasser Al Khanji, said:

The collaboration between Municipality and Urban Planning and government owned public transport operator Mowasalat (Karwa) for the very first time indicates the country’s strive in promoting the use of public transportation and increasing ridership. The West bay Bus service is a big step in alleviating traffic congestion and parking issues at the district amongst other urbanization plans and we are positive that residents, businessmen and women, visitors of West bay will find the service efficient and advantageous and will patronise it. The Ministry of Transport is supporting this drive with mind-set that public transport boosts economy and what we plan for sustained mobility solutions today will provide better quality of life and environmental justice for our younger generation.’

The inspiration behind the branding is West Bay’s skyline, an iconic graphic element that makes the area a recognized landmark and gives the bus a glamorous and sophisticated appeal.  The West Bay Bus is equipped with an internal TV system, air-conditioning and high quality leather seats which all combined promise an enjoyable ride for passengers.

All of the West Bay Bus marketing and advertising campaigns will be operated by Decaux. A print and outdoor teasing campaign about this service was launched during the first week of January. The Managing Director of Decaux, Nicolas de Tapol, said:

We will provide some 40 “Cox design” Bus Shelters for the service in coming months. One of our Group values is to excel in being a city provider, participating in the improvement of the quality of life. We believe this project will be of great benefit to the population of Doha and will contribute to furthering sustainable development in the city.’

West Bay Bus Map
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The Bus Service will initially offer 14 buses, available seven days a week running every 15 minutes between 6 am and 12 am (midnight) and stopping at 36 bus stops spread around the West Bay area. There will be two routes. The first route will link West Bay with City Centre, the Corniche and the General Post Office whilst the second route will link West Bay with City Centre, Al Bidda Street and Khalifa Stadium. On both routes, the bus will stop at all major hotels, offices and residential towers in West Bay.

Customers interested in using the West Bay Bus can simply wait at any of the bus stops highlighted in the map. Mowasalat’s call center and email will also provide the riders with the information needed. The service is offered to all members of the public and no ticket or payment is required before boarding the bus. Pocket maps are available at any of the hotels, residential buildings or office towers serviced by the bus in the West Bay area as shown in the map.

In due course the addition of new routes and bus stops may be introduced.