Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) today announced a new cashless payment system for outpatient appointments at the Bone and Joint Center and the Internal Medicine Clinic. This implementation is part of the wider program looking at streamlining and enhancing the overall ambulatory patient experience across the organization.

The cashless system will mean that, from now on at these clinics, patients will pay for all outpatient services by credit, debit or e-cash card instead of cash. The e-cash card is a new sort of payment case available from QNB, which can be topped up and used to pay for government services. It costs QAR20 to purchase an e-cash card and they can be bought from many QNB branches around the country.

This will mean that, for standard transactions, our patients will no longer need to go to the cashier once they have booked in for their appointment – they will be able to pay at the same counter where they book in. This also applies to pharmacy, where payments can be made on the spot instead of needing to go to a cashier. The cashless system will also allow any subsequent payments for services to be taken in the clinic itself, instead of the patient needing to visit the cashier.

In addition to the cashless implementation, staff will also receive special training so they are able to help enhance the patient experience in these clinics.