The new Civil Defence centre at Al Thumama has opened by the Director General of Public Security Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi on Wednesday 23 April 2014.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Director of Logistics Department, Brigadier Abdul Aziz Al Ansari and Director of General Directorate of Civil Defence Staff Brigadier Abdullah Muhammad Al Suwaidi and directors of Ministry of Interior (MoI) departments and Civil Defence officers. The Director General toured all features and machineries that the centre utilise to provide right services to the security of the nation. The centre presented some awareness programmes to school students as well.

Speaking to the media, Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi said, whilst Qatar witnessed overall developments in constructional, industrial and all other aspects, it was much needed to develop all sectors corresponding to those developments as MoI has expanded and made greater achievements during the recent years. Civil Defence has been equipped with all modern facilities to cope with all emergency situations. Al Khulaifi emphasised that the awareness hall in Al Thumama Centre could host a number of awareness programmes to school students so that they become more aware of safety and security principles at their early ages.

According to Staff Brigadier Abdullah Muhammad Al Sowaidi, the Thumama centre was built as part of the Civil Defence developmental projects. This would cover the areas included Thumama and Airport in addition to the nearby industrial area and would work as a major support to the Hamad International Airport’s (HIA) fire station. The centre has two special vehicles to handle fires in flights as well as several airport staff have been completed training from Frankfort airport in handling flight fires. There are two fire stations inside the airport with all modern equipment which are managed by General Authority of Civil Aviation.

The Logistics Deptarment Director Brigadier Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Ansari said that the Thumama Civil Defence Centre was established to realise the strategy of the MoI in terms of infrastructure and to extend the service centers which provide ministerial services to all the citizens and residents. In addition, Al Ansari said that MoI has implemented 95% of its strategies in terms of new buildings and it will be accomplished with the completion of the main building of General Directorate of Passports and Expatriate Affairs, Najda Police Department and Police College.