appointmentFrom 24 November 2013, Al Khor Hospital is implementing a new fixed time appointment system for outpatient appointments, which will ensure patients see the right doctor at the right time, and give priority to urgent or critical cases.

Under the new system, if a patient in Al Khor is referred to see a specialist by their doctor, this referral will go straight to the Referral Management Office at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). There, a specialist will review the patient’s case and determine the level of urgency. A hospital representative will then call the patient to arrange an appointment within the clinically advised time frame and at a convenient time for the patient. This means that there will be no need to visit Al Khor Outpatients Department to book an appointment if a referral has been made from Primary Health Care.

Executive Director of the Center for Healthcare Improvement, Nasser Al Naimi, whose team has developed the new system, said:

The new system is very beneficial to patients. It means that they know they will see the right doctor to treat their condition, because their referral has been assessed by a doctor, who will ensure the right specialist is given their case. It also saves the patient travelling to the hospital to fix their appointment as our call center team will phone them to arrange an appointment for the right time, based on clinical advice, and then remind them about the appointment a few days before so they don’t forget.’

This is part of the ongoing roll out of a fixed time appointment system across HMC. Hamad General Hospital, the Department of Dentistry, Women’s Hospital and the Maxillofacial Department all provide a fixed time appointment system for outpatients.

Chief Executive Officer of Al Khor Hospital, Mohammed Al Jusaiman, sees the new appointment system as a valuable service enhancement. He said:

With a properly assessed referral and fixed time appointment system for specialist consultation, we have the opportunity to improve patient access, reduce waiting times in the outpatient clinics, and help ensure patients receive the attention and care they require. The implementation of the fixed appointment system is a vital part of HMC’s commitment to providing the safest, most effective and compassionate care to our patients.’

To ensure clinics run smoothly for the benefit of all patients, HMC is asking all patients to respect their appointment times and arrive at least 15 minutes early, in case any pre-assessment is required. If they are unable to keep their appointment, they should call the Patient Contact Center ahead of time at 4439 5777 to reschedule a new appointment at a time convenient for them.