A new gallery and lounge called Anima will open at The Pearl-Qatar on 26th of March. The concept gallery is linked to an upscale lounge where visitors can interact, watch art videos, and read art magazines and books. The gallery will collaborate with Qatar’s prominent universities and schedule art and sculpture classes.

Jason Martin

The opening ceremony of Anima gallery and lounge will be on Saturday March 24th when the gallery will launch its opening exhibition ‘Together We Connect’, showcasing renowned regional artists Hassan Hajjaj, Mohamad-Said Baalbaki ‘Baal’, and Abdulrahman Katanani, international artists Jason Martin, Billy Childish, Tracey Emin, Bernard Frize and Tom Sachs, as well as local artists Yousel Ahmed, Ali Hassan and Amal Al-Aathem.

Aamal Al-Aathem with her work

Twelve other artists will attend the opening to talk about future exhibitions; Charbel Aoun, Emmanuel Guiragussian, Elie Bourgely, Faraj Dham, Jean-Marc Nahas, Jean-Paul Guiragossian, Jehad Al Ameri, Manuella Guiragossian, Mayak, Mohamad Al Amri, Najia Mahadji and Nuno De Matos.

Ali Hassan

‘I wanted to create a space where local, regional and international artists can show their work. The gallery will also act as an art centre where people can enjoy talks as well as art lesson,’ said Ghada Sholy, the owner of Anima Art Gallery and lounge.