GENESIS G70 was recently put to the ultimate dynamic test in The Art of the Stunt video series

Genesis Motor America launched The Art of the Stunt featuring the 2019 Genesis G70: a three-part video series that demonstrates vehicle agility in a thrilling setting.

In each video short, a stunt driver uses a G70 luxury sport sedan to recreate a classic scene of evasive driving from famous motion pictures. Working with Donut Media, award-winning film industry veterans and professional drivers, Genesis produced both the stunts and behind-the-scenes footage to engage performance enthusiasts and movie aficionados alike. Skyline Automotive WLL, a Jaidah Group company, is the official distributor of Genesis in Qatar.

According to Genesis Head of Marketing Kate Fabian, Genesis G70 embodies the spirit of thrilling driving so it was only natural to put its dynamics to the test with these high-performance stunts.

The videos will be released by Donut Media according to the following schedule:

  • Already out: Based on a stunt from The Fast and the Furious, stunt driver Tanner Foust drives at top speed before attempting to squeeze a G70 through the 22-foot gap underneath a semi-tractor trailer.

Full Episode:
Stunt Only Video:

  • 12 June: Referencing an iconic scene from Baby Driver, Foust tries to achieve a ‘180-reverse-to-drift’ maneouvre, within inches of a truck blocking the way.
  • 19 June: Foust recreates a moment from Drive, the action, in maneouvring the G70 through a tight space at high speed.

As the first Genesis model in the highly competitive entry luxury segment, G70 outperforms legacy luxury sport sedans with driver-focused performance. The G70, which was named the 2019 North American Car of the Year, along with more than a dozen other prominent awards in recent months, resets benchmarks and expectations among luxury sport sedans, with holistic integration of performance, body strength, refined luxury and aerodynamic design.

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