Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) inaugurated two new services recently as part of the ongoing expansion across all their facilities. 

Minister of Public Health Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari inaugurated the state-of-the-art Cardiac MRI Suite at the Heart Hospital and a new chemotherapy robotic pharmacy at the National Centre for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR). She also toured the recently relocated Audiology and Balance Department at the Ambulatory Care Centre (ACC) to see some of the equipment and services available to patients.

Minister of Public Health opens new MRI Suite at Heart Hospital.2According to Al Kuwari, HMC is expanding and developing its services and facilities to meet the demands of Qatar’s growing population. She said that in recent month’s new technology, services, and processes have been implemented across the healthcare provider’s network of hospitals, improving quality of care and patient experience.

The newly opened Cardiac MRI Suite will provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient diagnostic services. The purpose-built, high-tech magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite is the first of its kind at HMC and will deliver the latest MRI technology for non-invasive imaging of the heart and vascular system.

Having a dedicated Cardiac MRI Suite at the Heart Hospital means that inpatients need not be transported to other facilities for this kind of procedure. This new technology will help improve and make for a safer and more convenient experience for patients.’

Dr Maryam Al Kuwari, Senior Consultant for Cardiac Imaging and Chief Radiologist at HMC, said that when fully operational, the dedicated Cardiac MRI Suite will perform upwards of six MRI scans a day.

Cardiac imaging enables physicians to either rule out or show evidence of coronary artery disease. This enables us to provide early and effective treatment for patients. MRI images of the heart are better than other imaging methods for certain conditions. This makes the MRI technique an invaluable tool in the early diagnosis and evaluation of certain cardiac abnormalities, especially those involving the heart muscle. It can also assist in planning future treatments as it gives the physician a better understanding of the patient’s condition.’

High-Tech Chemotherapy Robot

The opening of the new Robotic Pharmacy at NCCCR
The opening of the new Robotic Pharmacy at NCCCR

The minister also inaugurated a new chemotherapy robotic pharmacy at NCCCR. The pharmacy robot – the second of its kind in the region – uses a robotic arm to mix the highly toxic medications used in chemotherapy and deposits them in IV bags, vials, and syringes.

Chemotherapy medications are among the most complicated and toxic drugs used in oncology care. The high-tech chemotherapy robot will help eliminate human error and protect pharmacists from these potentially dangerous medications.

This technology, according to the Minister, will help improve the care provided at NCCCR.

We are always looking at ways to improve safety and patient experience and this is an excellent example of this commitment. When fully operational, the chemotherapy robotic pharmacy system can prepare chemotherapy treatments for between 40 and 50 patients each day.’

Dr Moza Al Hail, Executive Director of Pharmacy at HMC, said the robot performs weight and barcode checks to ensure doses are accurate and complete, improving both patient safety and patient experience.

Audiology and Balance Department at the ACC

Dr Al Kuwari also visited the newly relocated Audiology and Balance Department at the ACC. The department’s new Medical City location is now home to all audiology and balance services previously offered at Rumailah Hospital, including all hearing tests as well as the audiology, baby, dizzy and tinnitus clinics, and advanced vestibular rehabilitation services, including a lab for the rehabilitation and treatment of the ever-increasing number of patients with dizziness-related disorders.

Although all audiology and balance services have now transferred from Rumailah Hospital to the ACC, services offered at Building 316 will remain.

Dr Al Kuwari at the Audiology and Balance Department
Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari at the Audiology and Balance Department