Qatar Foundation (QF) recently launched a new progressive school under its Pre-University Education (PUE), set to be a first of its kind in Qatar, offering a globally unique learning model that takes the concept of personalised education into a new dimension. The school, Academyati, is now open for admissions for the 2019-2020 academic year.


The school – which will be based within QF’s Education City, was unveiled at a press conference this week. It will open in August 2019 for children aged three to six years old.

Unique Learning Model

Academyati Logo
The Academyati Logo

Placing equal emphasis on personal and academic development, Academyati will provide tailored, creative, and nurturing learning experiences designed to ensure children achieve their full potential. Its establishment reflects QF’s constant commitment to advancing innovation in education, and providing meaningful learning experiences that shape and equip the leaders of the future.

According to PUE President Buthaina Ali Al Nuaimi, the new school will add to the legacy of quality education that has already been created by the diverse and specialised schools under Qatar Foundation. The new, progressive K-12 Academyati will bring a whole new educational experience to Qatar.

A bilingual school offering individualised education, with emphasis on experiential learning within an innovative educational ecosystem that will work in close partnership with parents and families, Academyati will graduate students who are aware, confident, empowered, and can bring positive change to their world.’

A key element of Academyati’s programme is personalised education, with its holistic learning model reflecting the fact that every child is unique and has specific needs, interests, and strengths. Each child at Academyati will have a fully-developed personal plan, tailored to nurture their personal growth and creative process within a positive and supportive environment.

Dual-Language Learning Programme

Academyati Launch
Academyati Director Maryam Alhajri

Academyati will offer a dual-language learning programme, with both English and Arabic being used equally as a medium for learning. Children will be grouped in multi-age groups – rather than in a structure defined by grade levels or determined by children’s year of birth – enabling each child to learn at their own pace and from older or younger children, in a fluid, engaging, non-classroom setting.

The Academyati programme, instead of taking a subject-based approach, will provide children with experiences and quests – open-ended, problem-solving activities focused on real-world problems – to inspire them to explore, innovate, and find solutions to problems that have real-world relevance and enduring value to their lives. The school will look to proactively partner with families who trust their child’s natural interests and learning process, commit to being involved in their child’s learning journey, and are open to their children exploring new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Academyati Director Maryam Alhajri said they’re excited to open the first-of-its-kind, progressive school in Qatar.

Academyati stands for ‘Innovation in Learning’. We believe in trusting today’s children. By exposing our children to experiences and quests as a way of learning, we aim to fuel children’s independence, empathy, curiosity, and creativity through their journey in Academyati. We have faith that their inner gifts will shape amazing outcomes.’

Academyati will initially welcome 48 boys and girls aged three to six years old. The school however, is designed to expand to the point where it will ultimately accommodate children and young people up to 18 years old.

Applications to Academyati are now open until 1 May. To apply your child, visit For more information about Academyati, you may send your enquiries to [email protected]