Central Operations Department of National Command Center in association with General Directorate of Traffic and General Directorate of Information Systems (Security Systems Department) launched the project, talaa, for security surveillance which aims to activate security surveillance cameras in the streets and main roads in the country to monitor traffic violations of all types specified by the traffic law.

According to the Security Systems Department, this will contribute to tightening security control in all parts of the country as well as to facilitate traffic movement and monitor any traffic violation with in time.

Director of Central Operations Department at National Command Center, Colonel Sayeed Hasan Al Mazroui, insisted that the project aims to monitor all kinds of traffic violations including not fastening seat-belts, talking on the phone or texting while driving, wrong overtaking, excessive speed, violating signals and other irregularities which pose a threat to public safety on the road.

Traffic Surviellance Camera 2

Areas under the talaa survelliance include Al Khor, Al Sadd – Al Mirqab, Al Sailiya, Al Shafi, Bin Omran, D Ring Road, February 22nd Road, Grand Hamad St, Mesaieed, Muaither and Umm Dawm, Shahaniya and Al Wakrah. According to Al Mazroui, these cameras will work to strengthen control over the roads.

The project is working in cooperation between Central Operations Department General Directorate of Traffic and General Directorate of Information Systems. Al Mazroui said:

During last month, we took trial process of this project which monitored more than 23 thousand traffic violations occurred due due to mistakes of the vehicle drivers. All the cameras on the roads are smart cameras and can be controlled from the Operations room which monitors violations by zooming vehiles and capturing the numbers of vehicles and its place.

Al Mazroui added it that then the owners of the vehicles will be informed about the traffic violations by text messages through Metrash Services as the owners will not be surprised by traffic violation during the license renewal.

According to Assistant Director of Central Operations Department, Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Mohamed Ghaith Al Kuwari, the department has cooperated in this project with human element instructor on the use of cameras and deal with them fully to monitor any traffic violation anywhere in the country.