Nissan Patrol Breaks Sales Records in the Middle East

patrolNissan has announced that 2013 continues the trend for strong growth in sales of its iconic and popular latest generation Nissan Patrol in the Middle East.

More than 8,000 Nissan Patrols were sold between January and May 2013 across the Gulf region, an impressive 47% increase versus the same period in 2012. Nissan Patrol continues to build on its 2012 sales success story with sales in the Gulf region growing three times faster than the market which grew by 16% in the January-May 2013 period. As a consequence, Nissan Patrol registered record market share of 26% in the Gulf market, a five-point increase versus the same period last year. Patrol performed exceptionally well in Kuwait where it has taken the leadership position in the large SUV category segment during the January-March 2013 period.

Samir Cherfan, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, said:

Nissan Patrol, the iconic Hero of All Terrain and one of the region’s most popular vehicles, witnessed its most successful year in the Gulf since launch. The desirability of Nissan cars has never been so high, and this is supported by our intensive network of presales and aftersales functions across the region, which heightens the quality of our customers’ holistic experience.’

Engineered for over 60 years, the Patrol is Nissan’s flagship SUV model and enjoys a rich heritage and passionate following in the Middle East that dates back to the 1950s. With features like the independent body motion 4WD control, around view monitor and Fuel efficient 5.6 V8 engine, the Patrol has many unique qualities.

The Patrol seats boast wider, higher and deeper front seats, the Patrol offers over 100mm more legroom for second row passengers, and a roomier third row of seats as well.

In a world-first, the new Patrol employs a Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (HBMC), which keeps the car flatter with less body roll during lane-changing and cornering, while delivering a comfortable ride in city driving and superb stability on rugged and sandy tracks.

Nissan Patrol is the SUV with most safety features. It has employed state-of-the-art safety technologies that help the driver maintain comfortable driving, to recover from dangerous conditions and minimise the damage when a collision is unavoidable. Incorporated in the Nissan world-renowned Safety Shield, the safety systems include Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, which assists the driver avoid unintended lane departure.

Other safety features include the Crash-sensitive Door Unlock. On detecting collision, the doors unlock themselves to ensure free movement of the occupants. Active Head Restraints help in certain rear-end collisions, as front-seat Active Head Restraints move upward and forward to help cushion the head and to reduce whiplash-type injuries.