Qatar has recently released the ‘Green List’, or list of countries categorised as low risk, to facilitate quarantine policy and COVID-19 travel restrictions for people arriving in Qatar.  

Policies and restrictions for arrivals from countries included in the Green List will be effective starting this Friday, 20 November. The list and related travel advice will be reviewed regularly and published accordingly.

Green ListThe list now has 23 countries – 26 countries fewer than before the latest update – and exclude India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Philippines – countries that are home to some of the biggest expatriate communites in Qatar.

Travellers arriving from a low-risk country will be able to choose home quarantine for a week after arrival. Anyone coming from a country not on the list will be required to quarantine at a government-approved hotel for a week, and then at home for another week.

If there are accredited COVID-19 testing centres in these low-risk countries, obtaining a COVID-free certificate from these centres will exempt the traveller from taking the test at Hamad International Airport upon arrival in Qatar, provided that the certificate was obtained within 48 hours before travelling.

People arriving from countries not included in the Green List and where there are accredited COVID-19 testing centres are required to obtain a virus-free certificate at least 48 hours before travelling.

Please note that everyone travelling back to Qatar should apply first for an ‘Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar’ via the Qatar Portal website. Additional information on this requirement available here.

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