On the 14 September, the novel theatrical initiative for babies and toddlers in Qatar – Baby Theatre Peekaboo – will be launched. The project will be a brand new concept in performing arts not only in Qatar but in the entire Arab region.

The theatre manager, Tatiana Ermakova, explained what Baby Theatre is:

Imagine a theatre. Now imagine a children’s theatre. Now imagine a baby theatre! Can’t see how babies and toddlers sit still for an hour?⁠ They don’t have to!⁠ In our Baby Theatre Peekaboo, kids are active show participants thanks to an innovative interactive theatre concept which allows the young audience, typically babies from 8 months old to five years old kids, to watch and play during a show!⁠’

The premiere of the first show ‘Ocean Mysteries’ will take place in Pearl, Porto Arabia Tower 20. Ermakova says, there are lots of benefits for both kids and adults who visit the shows:

When at the show, families have around an hour of quality time while creating positive memories. By following a story line, kids learn about characters, their emotions and empathise with them. This is a way to start developing emotional intelligence.Learning about the world with our adorable characters is a useful contribution to a wider outlook. Positive stimulation boosts kids’ imagination, curiosity, logic, visual, auditory and tactile perception, and social skills. Introducing kids to the world of art and entertainment beyond digital screens also widens their horizons.’

The Baby Theater Peekaboo inherited many features from a professional theatre: sophisticated props, engaging stories adapted to each age group, irresistible music, adorable characters (hand and glove puppets, and shadow theatre) and more.

Baby Theatre Peekaboo

The first show ‘Ocean Mysteries’ is planned to circulate around Doha until mid-October, when the second show ‘Enchanted Forest’ will be launched. Mid-November will mark the launch of a winter show.

A performance lasts 40-50 minutes and invites a maximum of 15 kids with accompanying adults. Every show offers a free photoshoot and every child gets a souvenir gift.

Along with public shows, the theatre accommodates private parties enquiries. The theatre also invites residential compounds, nurseries, pre-schools, event planners, hotels and others for cooperation.

More details including schedule and ticketing information at babytheaterpeekaboo.com.