Novo Cinemas is thrilled to announce the installation of the first 4D cinema in Doha at its flagship location at the Mall of Qatar. The addition of this technology reflects the company’s commitment to offer a fully immersive entertainment experience to Qatar moviegoers.

Riding a wave of enthusiasm and demand for 4D cinema technology worldwide, next-generation interactive technology house MediaMation is brought on board as the exclusive MX4D® supplier for Novo Cinemas. Engaging movie-goers on a brand-new level, MX4D® is the natural evolution of cinema. 4D seats roll and tilt in heart-pounding car chase scenes. Fog, wind, and the scent of ocean air will get you immersed in sea-faring scenes. MX4D® theatre seats move in sync with action movies and special EFX generators in the cinema, allowing guests to ‘feel’ the movie’s motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water, and even scents.

These multiple EFX are programmed to sync with and enhance the action on the screen for a more exciting and realistic movie-going experience.

Novo Cinema is a subsidiary of Elan Group a diversified and integrated media, entertainment and city beautification group in the Middle East.

Visit for more information. Novo Cinemas’ smart phone application is also available for download via Apple or Android Apps.