The National Tourism Council (NTC) launched Qatar’s first global destination campaign aimed at positioning Qatar as an attractive destination for authentic and bespoke experiences.

Under the tagline ‘Qatar. Qurated for you.’ the campaign brings to life Qatar’s focus on tailored visitor experiences that celebrate its heritage. It will be rolled out across 15 existing and targeted priority markets.

Rashed Al Qurese during the campaign launch
‘Qurated’ is more than an advertising campaign, says Rashed Al Qurese 

The campaign was formally launched at a ceremony held under the patronage of Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani. The Prime Minister is also the Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Board of NTC.

A few weeks earlier, Qatar Tourism Authority and the Permanent Committee for Conferences, was merged and converted into the National Tourism Council. The new structure paves the way for the implementation of key initiatives to develop solid tourism infrastructure and deliver exceptional visitor experiences.

Both the revised governance model and the global promotion campaign are critical components of the sector’s newest strategy, which was launched in 2017 (The Next Chapter of the National Tourism Sector Strategy). These foundational developments are further complemented by the country’s revised visitor visa policies and which earned for Qatar the rank of ‘the most open country in the Middle East’ – and the 8th most open in the world – according to UNWTO’s recently updated visa openness rankings.

NTC official Hassan Al Ibrahim, said they are proud of their newest campaign and of the process of its development, which took into account input from partners in the public and private sectors, within and outside Qatar.

This process is representative of our ethos as an industry, which is deeply rooted in the spirit of collaboration and partnership to deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint of the visitor’s journey. We look forward to bringing the spirit of Qurated to life, on people’s television screens, in airports around the world, and here in Qatar where the world is welcome to experience our authentic heritage and forward-looking vision.’

According to NTC representative Rashed Al Qurese, Qurated is more than an advertising campaign. He said that they’ve closely examined what Qatar offers as a destination to bring into focus the essence of the Qatar experience, and how it can be tailored to each of the visitor segments.

NTC is in partnership with some of the world’s most popular travel platforms such as Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Prospective visitors can ‘curate’ their visit starting from the moment they read about the destination, through to making reservations and enjoying the destination’s various cultural and natural attractions.’

The campaign will be launched in all markets where NTC has representation – across the US, Europe, Asia and Russia. Running across print, TV and digital platforms in eight different languages, Qurated will also leverage partnerships with global television networks such as CNN International, Al Jazeera Network, BeIN, Digiturk and Sky TV.

Through captivating visuals and glimpses of Qatar’s authentic tourism offerings, the campaign is designed to make Qatar the top choice for destination this side of the globe.

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