Following Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi’s recent visit to Qatar as Ooredoo’s new global brand ambassador, Ooredoo has launched ‘Play for Dreams’ – an online portal dedicated to creating, capturing and continuing the moments that enrich people’s lives.

Ooredoo Messi
Play for Dreams Homepage

The portal will be developed to store and feature future examples where Ooredoo has helped to make dreams come true and to stimulate human growth with a number of proposed initiatives which will be announced later this year.

Ooredoo has launched the portal with a series of short films, capturing the moment when it teamed up with the Leo Messi Foundation to bring dreams to life for a special group of children from across the globe.

Nineteen children arrived in Doha, Qatar to meet their idol, Messi, and Ooredoo caught their initial surprise and experiences on video before, during and after their meetings, to ensure these were more than just once-in-a-lifetime moments but experiences to last forever. These short films are now being posted online for the first time.

Among the children to visit Qatar was Ali, an Iraqi child who has recently played Messi in a short movie showcased at the Dubai International Film Festival and at Cannes. Like many Iraqi children, Ali was affected by the country’s recent years of instability and now only has one leg. ‘Meeting Messi will be a dream come true,’ Ali said before meeting his role model at the event.

Salha, another of the lucky children to visit Qatar recently, was enlightened to learn that she had the opportunity to meet the hero of her imagination. When bulldozers came to demolish her family home over a year ago, Salha turned to her imagination and authored a now award winning short story that outlined a dream in which she travelled with her flying lamb ‘Hantoush’ to Spain to play with Messi.

After travelling back with her to help clear the land mines on her favourite football field in Palestine, she was offered a permanent place on his ‘dream team’ but had to refuse after her responsibilities at home weighed in. In reality, Salha’s father is serving a life sentence in prison and at 15 years old, now takes responsibility of all the family’s sheep.

Ali and Salha were two among 19 children to be taken to Qatar.

Lionel Messi said:

I am always glad to make a difference in communities and my Foundation helps me to do that, especially when it helps bring smiles to the faces of children. They have the most vivid imaginations and dreams, but only on rare occasions do these dreams come true – working with Ooredoo, I am delighted to be a part of something that can help make this happen.’

Visitors to the ‘Play for Dreams’ portal will be invited to comment, view, read and share some of these amazing moments.