Ooredoo Ramadan Calling and SMS Rates

Ooredoo is offering great promotions this Ramadan with Hala Weekly and Shahry Pack customers enjoying five times more local minutes and SMS for all customers. In addition, Ooredoo has also pledged to donate one dirham to charity for every local call made over the coming month.


With the additional allowance announced today, customers using the QR40 Hala Weekly Pack will jump from the standard 200 local call minutes and SMS to get an additional 800 minutes and SMS, making for a total 1,000 minutes and SMS every week. Customers using the QR10 weekly pack will enjoy 175 local minutes and SMS – five times the usual allowance.

Customers using the Shahry 750 Pack will see their monthly allowance leap to 32,500 local call minutes and SMS, and will continue to enjoy free unlimited calls to local landlines. Customers using the Shahry 55 Packs will jump from 200 call minutes and SMS to 1,000.

For Shahry Pack customers, only the original minute allowance can be used with the International Key service, which enables customers to transfer local minutes into International traffic. For both Hala and Shahry customers, the standard minutes and SMS will be consumed first, before the additional bonus allowance will be used.

The major increase in local call minutes and SMS will be reflected across all Hala Weekly and Shahry Packs, so that the largest number of customers can benefit. The increase in local minutes and SMS applies to all calls made to Ooredoo lines and to customers of the other operator.

By boosting the number of minutes and SMS available, Ooredoo is supporting customers during one of the peak seasons for phone and SMS greetings. The increased allowance will be valid until 10 August 2013.ooredoo-al-rabaa

Giving back to the community is one of the main goals of Ooredoo’s Alrabaa campaign during Ramadan. Since its launch on 30 June, Ooredoo’s Alrabaa campaign has seen thousands of people interacting with the company on its website and through social media, where customers can follow activities via the hashtag #alrabaa. The Alrabaa will participate in a range of activities throughout Ramadan.