Ooredoo announced the second phase of its paperless initiative, to phase-out all paper based billing options, as the company pushes forward to raise awareness on environmental issues and the need for paper conservation in Qatar.

People and companies in Qatar use approximately 5.4 million sheets of A4 paper every day, creating a huge strain on the environment and using valuable natural resources.

Director of Community & Public Relations at Ooredoo, Fatima Sultan Al Kuwari, said:

Ooredoo is committed to Qatar’s 2030 National Strategic Vision, which prioritises environmental initiatives and technology at the top of its agenda. We’re pushing forward with this initiative to ensure all our services are as green as possible, both for our customers and for our company.’

Ooredoo is one of the companies taking a lead on environmental issues, and was one of the first businesses in the country to stop sending paper bills to consumers back in December 2011. Earlier this year, it started to move business customers away from paper-based bills, and is now urging all businesses to do their part by moving to an electronic bill option.

With the announcement, Ooredoo is asking all customers who have not yet signed-up for paperless billing to register by 30 July 2014.

Ooredoo’s eBill service offers customer’s an easy-to-read PDF version of their monthly bill that they receive via e-mail, and provides customers with a secure way to view and compare new bills with previous bills.

As well as external communications, Ooredoo has pledged to stop all paper-based internal communications in their HQ1 and HQ2 offices by the end of 2014.

In another green initiative, Ooredoo is rolling-out its innovative SMS queuing service in all of its shop branches this summer. The service, which is currently available in Ooredoo’s flagship airport shop, enables customers to queue digitally, rather than having to take a ticket, letting them browse on the shop floor until an alert via SMS notifies them where to be served.

To register for PDF based eBills Shahry customers can send ‘EB’ <space> their email ID <space> QID number to 114, for example EB [email protected] 12345678900. Business customers can contact their account manager, or call 800 8000.

For more information about Ooredoo’s CSR and environmental initiatives, or the paperless billing service, customers can visit Ooredoo’s website.